Erasmus+ scholarships tax free

Scholarships in the Erasmus+ programme will be free from tax - announced the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The regulation, signed last week on Tuesday by the Minister of Finance, eliminates taxation for all grantees - including university staff.

Until now, awarded Erasmus+ scholarships had to be consistent with the amount of allowances set by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. If the scholarship amount was higher than that provided for allowance, the excess was subject to taxation.

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Five Polish universities among the 500 most visible online

Five Polish universities were among the world’s 500 most visible online universities - according to the latest edition of the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. The best Polish university in the ranking - the Jagiellonian University - was ranked 285th.

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities includes more than 20 thousand universities from around the world, including more than 420 Polish universities.

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International Congress of Historical Sciences

In August 2015 the XXIInd International Congress of Historical Sciences (ICHS) organised by International Committee of Historical Sciences (CISH) will take place in Jinan (China). The Congress is of a great significance for Polish historians due to the fact that during the Congress in Jinan the city hosting the next XXIIIrd meeting of historians in 2020 will be chosen. One of the official candidatures is city of Poznań (Poland).

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Debate on the future of science and universities in Poland

We need to improve the level of research and quality of education, better adjust education to the needs of society, improve the funding of universities and internationalise them - assessed Minister of Science Lena Kolarska-Bobińska during the debate on the future of universities and science.

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