50 PhD positions offered by CORPOICA

Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research (CORPOICA) has opened a call for 50 PhD positions in areas related with scientific knowledge and developing agricultural technologies.

The purpose is improving production competitiveness and strengthening Colombia´s scientific and technological capacities. Corpoica has 13 research centers located in the country’s different agricultural regions which carry out research in vegetables, fruits, permanent crops, transitory crops, roots and tubers, cacao, and livestock (cattle and minor species).

Ph.D. permanent positions are offered in the following areas: animal genetics, animal health, animal nutrition, biostatistics, environmental sciences, geographic information systems, harvest and postharvest, innovation and development of Bioproducts, integrated management of production systems, genetic and plant breeding, plant health, soil and water sciences, rural development, technology transfer.

Full text of the call: http://www.nauka.gov.pl/g2/oryginal/2015_09/4da4c3019f2c77d264d54a768478a5ac.pdf